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pdfWCUSA_Leg_Exerciser_Letter.pdf09/12/2014, 11:58

March 25, 2013

Jim Alexander

Re: Office Chair Exerciser

Dear Mr. Alexander,


Thank you for the opportunity to test the initial model of your leg exerciser. I do hope

that the feedback we provided will help you to enhance the features of your product so

that you may bring this creative idea to market.


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CNC Support

pdfCNC support letter Feb29 2013.pdf140.06 KB25/09/2014, 15:03

February 29, 2013, To whom it may concern:

The College of New Caledonia supports Creative Office Fitness Solutions Inc.’s design and
development of the Type N’ Tone leg exerciser office chair. This product addresses some of the
health issues experienced by office workers who sit at a desk for extended periods, including
leg and back pain, as well as inactivity. I have personally tried a prototype of the device and
found that the Type N’ Tone’s design mimics and encourages natural leg movement, and does
not interfere with typing or other activities.

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EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc.

Hi Jim,

Thanks very much for asking us to assist you with evaluating the prototype of the leg exerciser. A number of our staff used the leg exerciser with good results for the most part. We found that the exerciser was easy to use while typing at our workstations if us-ing alternating leg strides. The leg exerciser provided good exercise and I will consider providing it to my staff providing you have made the changes to it and the price is in line.

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Dr. Stephen Rader

pdfDr. Rader.pdf21.44 KB25/09/2014, 15:03

Creative Office Fitness Solutions, Inc.
Re: Office Chair Exerciser
Dear Mr. Alexander,

Thank you for the opportunity to test out the prototype of your office chair leg
exerciser. I have long sought such a device to counteract the effects of prolonged work
at my desk, so I was very pleased when I found out that you had built one. I describe
below my experience with it.

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Prince George Citizen - Systems Manager

pdfMatt_officeChairLegExerc.pdf30.32 KB25/09/2014, 12:03

My first impression of the leg exerciser was "what a great idea!" I was asked to test it out
during a 4 week trial period and can give the following assessment of the particular model I
was using.

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Winton Homes Ltd

Hello Jim,

I was pleased to have had the opportunity to try out the prototype of your leg exerciser. In the time we had it here at Winton Homes Ltd a couple of my coworkers also gave it a try.

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